Our curriculum

Our curriculum is planned using the Early Years Foundation Stage, having an emphasis on learning through play and balancing child-initiated and adult-led activities. The focus is on the three prime areas of learning:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal social and emotional development

These are most essential for the children’s readiness for their future learning and development. The four specific areas of learning that build on the above prime areas are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive art and design

“In The Moment” Planning

We follow a planning framework called “in the moment planning” that ensures the child’s interests are being met. It harnesses spontaneous interactions and provides children with the most beneficial experiences. What we want to achieve is that the children become the focus and not the activity that the practitioner has planned. Capturing the interest of the child in the moment often sees the enthusiasm soar.

Some of Our Activities

Wagon Trips

The nursery is within close walking distance to town, The Waterfront, and local parks and beaches. This enables the staff to take your children on visits to explore local areas in our six seater wagon.

Minibus Trips

We have a minibus that is parked on site which enables the team to go out on planned visits and spontaneous visits too. We use our minibus to take some children swimming at Le mourier swim school at Le Roche in St Ouen. (extra charge applies)

Weekly Yoga

We have a yoga teacher from children inspired by yoga who visits every Monday morning to support the wellbeing of our children. Each week the yoga teacher helps support during the class the children’s confidence, self acceptance and self regulation which shows the children how to use stretches and relaxation for stress release.

The Tapestry App

We use Tapestry as an observation app that allows you to login with a secure username and password so you can view all your children’s observations, photographs and videos. You can like and comment on observations that we add for your child and it’s also possible for you to add your own observations. Your comments and your own observations will allow us to find out about which activities your child really enjoyed and the learning they get up to at home.It’s also possible for you to be notified via email if there are new entries for you to view.

Waiting List Application

Please complete the following form to the best of your ability. One of our team will then contact you to let you know our current availability for your chosen days.

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  • There is a minimum charge of 4 hours for each day your child attends.
  • Lunch is mandatory for all children attending over midday.
  • See our prices page for more details on costs.
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