Our vision

Putting children first and treating them as individuals.

Our mission

To create a happy, safe and inspiring home-from-home environment to promote curious thinkers and doers of the future, as well as enabling children to learn and develop their skills to the best of their abilities to and promote self-discovery, exploration and curiosity towards learning.

Our Values

Happiness and wellbeing

showing kindness


promoting a culture of tolerance, inclusion and diversity


being open and honest


a safe secure environment


provide the right level of challenge and support to develop each child’s independence, confidence and abilities.


developing strong relationships

Special Educational Needs

Our aim at Westmount Day Nursery is to enable all our children to have the brightest beginning. It’s widely recognised that high-quality early years support is critical for all children, which is why SEND (Special Educational Needs, Disability) is an integral part of our nursery.

The Curiosity Approach

Our nursery follows “The Curiosity Approach” and we are working towards our accreditation.

This approach aims to give back the children their freedom by igniting their natural curiosity and imagination whilst embedding awe and wonder.

Children explore using real authentic resources which transform our environment to provide open-ended materials where children are able to think for themselves, make their own choices and direct their own learning.

Through “Planning in the moment” our team of talented practitioners observe each child’s interests and create an enriching and inspiring environment for children to thrive in.

To transform the lives of the children and families we work with by creating a home from home environment that equip the children with life skills to follow their dreams and become confident learners that develop an ethos of ‘can do’ achievement in all that they do.

We are passionately committed to working in close partnership with our parents. We believe that parents are the experts on their child and the positive relationships encourage children to achieve and feel happy. We support our families and are always available to help with any questions or concerns.

We believe this warm and personal approach is the key element to Westmount Day Nursery.

Waiting List Application

Please complete the following form to the best of your ability. One of our team will then contact you to let you know our current availability for your chosen days.

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  • Lunch is mandatory for all children attending over midday.
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